How to Use The Rose Vibration?

How to Use The Rose Toy?

  1. Long press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the rose toy, you will know the toy is on when it vibrates.
  2. Short press(one click) the power button to change the sucking vibration modes.
  3. Put the sucking head to the body part you would like it to suck.
  4.  Long press power button for 3 seconds to turn off it.

rose vibrator

The Rose Vibration, or as more popularly known as, the Rose Vibrator, or the Rose Toy is the most adorable little sex toy you could put your eyes on! This article tells you all you need to know – what it is, how to use it and some reviews, among other things – about the Rose Vibrators.

What Is The Rose Vibrator?

The Rose Vibrator is now notoriously gaining popularity as the best clit sucker for women! In fact, all the toys by Rose Sex Toy are exclusively created for women to impart supreme pleasure to their senses. The Rose Vibrator, which is available in two colours – pink and purple – comes with 7 strong and intense suction functions. It is also shaped like a rose so it’s really appealing!

Not just pretty to look at, the rotating airflow generated by the internal vibrations of the Rose Vibrator sucks and teases the clitoris to simulate a perfect oral sex experience. Do you think oral sex can’t get you past the point? Well, think again because this baby will take you way past the point. This adorable, yet driven, little sex toy is sure to bring you a toe curling orgasm and can be bought exclusively from here.

rose vibrator

Why Is The Rose Vibrator So Hot And Special?

This elite vibrator is so hot and special because no other product in the market is as delicate, yet effective. The shape of the Rose Vibrator makes it feminine but the vibrations make it a savage that devours you just the way you would like it to – it’s both the beauty and the beast.

Plus, it arrives in discreet packaging which enables you to order it to anywhere and from anywhere in the US. But once you get your hands on this thing of beauty, trust us, you’d want to show it off.

The Material And Function Of The Rose Vibrator

Well, if the promise of an intense orgasm wasn’t enough, this sex toy is also extremely safe with a silky smooth silicone texture. Silicone is, and always will be the best material one can find to create any type of sex toy. All Rose Sex Toys are made of medical-grade silicone, which is both hygienic and odorless. This silky-touch clit sucker is so comfortable you’d feel you were touched by clouds up in paradise!

You can operate this vibrator by just switching it on through one switch. The same switch can be used to turn it off. Only one click can give you incredible sexual pleasure! Moreover, this clitoral stimulating vibrator comes with a fast magnetic charging option. It can be charged anywhere with the equipped USB charger base it comes with – be it a personal computer, wall charger, power bank or a car charger. You can enjoy intense oral sex with this vibrator up to 2 hours after charging it fully for about 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours, depending on the circuit you’re using to charge it.

Note: Even though the body of this vibrator is waterproof, make sure you avoid exposing the electrode base to water and keep it dry when charging it.

rose vibrator

How To Use The Rose Vibrator?

This quiet and powerful sex toy is extremely easy and super convenient to use! You can place the opening (the hole between the rose petals) of this vibrator over your clitoris and press the button to switch it on. If you’re not aroused and are looking to test the suction motions of the Rose Vibrator for the first time, here’s what you do – separate your labia slightly using your fingers and enclose your clitoris with the suction head of this vibrator. Within no time, you’ll feel the toe-curling suction motions and the bubbling vibrations turning you on!

Another great thing is, using this sex toy is not at all limited to your clitoris, but to any of your sensitive parts – nipple, inner things, the base of your neck or any body part of your liking – go solo or use the Rose Vibrator as a couple to intensify your foreplay! After a point of time, just looking at this magnificent sex toy will make you want to use it. If you don’t believe us, believe some users who have shared their reviews in the next section!

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Some Reviews for Rose Sex Toys!

The Rose Vibrator is more than just a sex toy… according to some users, it is either their new best friend or the best thing that they have experienced in years! It’s hard to believe something so small can be so powerful, but trust these users who know how earth shattering the orgasms could be when you’re using the Rose Vibrator!

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